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Cathy Erickson

* Hi my name is Cathy, When i walk into Dr. Jeon's clinic I was in such bad pain in my right leg I had to sit down right away after four treatments the pain left me So if you are thinking of your pain, Stop thinking and give Jun's acupuncture clinic a call. You will be happy.

Thank you Dr. Jeon!


D.D. Milam

Dear Dr. Jun,
* I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me. As you know, when I first came to you a few weeks ago, I was on the verge of tears while explaining to you my frustration with my state of being. I was deeply depressed (something I was certainly not used to) caused mostly by my weight issues. I had literally tried everything, and acupuncture was pretty much my last hope although I never thought of treating weight problems with acupuncture. My cravings for sweets were way out of control. Within a short time after you started treating me, both my husband and I noticed a huge difference. I have rarely had anything sweet since then, and the best thing about it is that I am losing weight! My cravings have dissipated and food literally does not control me anymore. I should be back down to a weight that I can live with in no time, and I am back to my old self as far as my state of mind. No more depression for me either (for this, my husband also thanks you)! I knew from experience how well acupuncture works when a couple of months ago I was in excruciating pain due to a pinched nerve. The chiropractic treatments were not working, and I was left with the choice of taking muscle relaxants, which is something I did not want because I was already feeling toxic from all the medication I take, or try some alternative. I was willing to try just about anything to get relief from the pain I was experiencing. That was when someone in my office recommended acupuncture for the first time. I literally walked into the office a zombie and came out a new person with absolutely no trace of pain from the pinched nerve. I couldn't believe it, nor could my co-workers when I walked back into the office!

I am so grateful to you because I literally feel like a new person. I had no idea why I hadn't tried acupuncture before now. So many doctors, so much pain medications, when all I really needed was acupuncture. Since the treatments, my friends and family have noticed such a difference, and I'm sure they are convinced that acupuncture is very beneficial just by watching me enjoying my life now.

Thank you so much!!


Joan Ropa

* Recovery from shoulder surgery did not happen overnight and even after I should have been pain free I was still very uncomfortable. My doctor suggested acupuncture as a possible relief. In addition to the shoulder problem I had chronic back problems from college sports injury many years ago and I thought I might be able to "kill two birds with one stone" with acupuncture. I did the necessary computer research and talked with friends regarding their experiences throughout our area and as a result I made an appointment with Dr. Jeon at Jun Acupuncture.

I did not know what to expect when I entered Dr. Jeon's office. I was pleasantly surprised by her introduction and explanation of the procedures. Making and keeping this appointment has changed my life. The shoulder problem was "fixed" almost immediately. My back problem has taken a little longer. However, I have minimal or no back pain since I had treatment. Best of all, I can golf twice a week, clean up around the house, go shopping, and walk without having to sit down every five minutes. This is without the physical therapy and the surgery which was suggested many times over the past years since my accident.

As many of us do as we get a little older, I have added a few pounds to my frame. I am sure that this has also contributed to my physical problems. I read the information at Dr. Jeon's office on weight loss and made the decision to use her program to get rid of the weight. I have been on the program of acupuncture and herbs for just a few weeks, but I have lost 12 pounds and my energy level has never been higher. I have lost the need to "stuff" myself and have greatly reduced the amount of food I thought I needed. It is still not easy but it is definitely easier than being on the other weight loss programs I have tried over the years. I think I can make the loss last this time. I have a different attitude and Dr. Jeon will help me. I highly recommend Dr. Jeon. She is one of the finest and most knowledgeable acupuncturist in our area.

Joan Ropa
Retired Educator
SCV resident 40 years


Mary Malm

* I am a patient of Dr. Jun's and I feel stronger than I ever have in my entire life. I can actually fight off a cold within a week, which is a miracle for me. Before I started going to Dr. Jun, I would dread every flu season because I just knew I would be so sick for at least a month during this time. But now acupuncture keeps me healthy and actually looking forward to all the seasons. I am now off of all allergy medications for the first time in ten years. My family and I really truly believe acupuncture is the way to keep a strong and healthy immune system. Dr. Jun is a delight to have as a Doctor. She is always in great spirits and really cares about all of her patients. Dr. Juun has helped me to understand the importance of taking care of myself and puts all your fears right out of your head. She is so gentle and warm she makes you feel right at ease. Dr. Jun has also helped me lose those stubborn 12 pounds that just would not come off. So now I feel healthier inside and look better on the outside. She doesn't make you wait she helps you right away, and gets you back to a healthy, happier you!!!

Thank you so much Dr. Jun,
Mary Malm


Kendall Malm

* I am 14 years old and Dr. Jun has helped me with my allergies. I can finally breathe through my nose for the first time in months. The congestion I once had also disappeared. Dr. Jun's treatments are so fast and painless. Dr. Jun is very easy to talk to and that was important to me during my treatment. I have even noticed that my skin and hair looks so much healthier. I also hurt my wrist in the summer doing gymnastics and within one week my wrist was back to normal and all my pain was gone. Dr. Jun thank you so much for being such a loving, thoughtful doctor. I would recommend Dr. Jun's Acupuncture to everyone!

Yours truly,
Kendall Malm


Mariela Osegueda

* My name is Mariela Osegueda and I came to Dr. Jun with severe abdominal and lower back pain. I went to several doctors appointments, had a CT scan and an ultra sound done with no explanation with what was happening to my body. I was very frustrated and lost confidence in finding any relief from the unbearable pain. After my first appointment with Dr. Jun I felt an immediate change and relief of the possible issues that were causing the pain. She immediately gave me confidence in her experience and ensured me of the safety in the use of needles. Dr. Jun has given me the best experience and has given me the best results of all the other Doctors of whom I sought help from. After every appointment I feel so refreshed and not only relieved from the pain, but also relived from the stress that the pain has caused me. I highly recommend Dr. Jun and know that she will help you with the same care and attention she has given me.

Mariela Osegueda


Robin Scott

* I recently had such severe shoulder pain that I was unable to eat, sleep, or barely move. When I went to Western Medical doctors, they did a barrage of tests and x-rays for my heart and other organs. After ruling out a heart attack, they found nothing wrong and prescribed Vicodin for pain relief. After only temporarily alleviating the pain I decided to try Jun's Acupuncture. Dr. Jeon has been very kind and compassionate and is very knowledgeable. In only two treatments with Dr. Jeon, I was off Vicodin. After four treatments, I was off all pain medications. Within three weeks my shoulder pain had been eliminated, although follow up treatments were necessary. Dr. Jeon also prepared an herbal supplement to increase my energy level which allowed me to return to my normal activities. I found acupuncture for my situation to be vital in healing. It was not without pain however, during the treatments. Fortunately, the benefits far exceeded the temporary discomfort. I am pleased to have found acupuncture and Dr. Jeon to be a viable choice in my medical health care.

Robin Scott
Retired Teacher
Valencia, California

Ashley Smith

* I had been in excruciating pain for about 5 days, before I decided to seek out the help of Dr. Jeon. When I walked into Dr. Jeon's clinic, I wasn't able to stand up straight or walk normally–I felt that I had pulled something in my groin. Dr. Jeon knew right away what was wrong with me: SI joint problems. Dr. Jeon explained that my root problem was actually in my back, even though I felt the majority of pain in my groin area. I went to Dr. Jeon in the morning, unable to walk standing up straight. That same evening, I was able to walk standing up almost completely straight, and I was able to raise my legs and step over things normally without needing to use my arms to lift my legs up! The morning after I received my first treatment, I was able to walk normally again! The days before I visited Dr. Jeon for treatment, I struggled to even get onto my bed–I would have to do a belly flop and throw myself onto my bed then try to wiggle and pull the rest of my body up by using my upper body. When I got into bed the day that I first went to Dr. Jeon, I was actually able to lift up my legs normally and climb into bed like a normal person!!! I'm so grateful to Dr. Jeon for helping me to get better so quickly and without any chemicals or medicine–thank you, Dr. Jeon!

Thank you,

Jaswant Singh

* I was suffering from incredible pain in my left knee for a very considerable time. I consulted a few physicians, took prescription drugs, hydrocrotizone injections but to no avail. A few months ago, I accidently saw Dr. Jeon's clinic on Lyon's Avenue. After the very first consultation, she put my mind at ease. She has a soothing personality and excellent chairside manner. Within a few sessions of acupuncture treatment, the pain went down and now I am totally pain free. I have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone with chronic pain.

Christine Jones

* Dr. Jeon has changed my life! I am a 22 year old student with a hectic life that was getting sick far too often. When I first went to Dr. Jeon, I had asthma and chronic tonsillitis. I was taking 2 inhalors twice a day and also had a rescue inhalor to try to control my asthma. I would visit the doctor several times a year for tonsillitis. The doctor would prescribe me a medicine that would last 10 days and a few days after completing it, my throat would swell-up again. There were a few times that I thought maybe my body could cure itself, but it never would and I would wind-up getting so sick that they would have to give me IV's. Dr. Jeon is brilliant! After about 6 visits with her, everyone around me noticed that I was breathing easier and wasn't out of breath as much! She made me an herb drink that a few times that each lasted 10 days and I would have to take them twice a day (one in the morning and one at night). The herb drink that Dr. Jeon made for me paired with the acupuncture treatments that I have received from Dr. Jeon have made a world of difference for me! Before going to Dr. Jeon for treatment, I didn't have a lot of energy; however, I have regained my energy and am able to keep up with my busy lifestyle without missing a beat! My mom has been to Dr. Jeon, as well. My mom will get an occasional injury whether it be in her foot or her back and all she has to do is go to Dr. Jeon for one or two treatments and her pain is gone! Dr. Jeon is amazing! I recommend her to everyone! She is sweet, thoughtful, brilliant, and a true healer!

Thanks, Dr. Jeon!
Christine Jones of Canyon Country

Greg Loskorn

* Dr. Jun helped me lose 48lbs with a completely natural and holistic approach by reducing my apetite and getting rid of the evil food craving. I feel lighter and my body feels clean and free of toxins. I am once again able to fully enjoy physical activity with more energy and less effort, especially while hiking in the mountains. She is knowledgable and caring with a good bedside manner, her concern is genuine, her touch gentle. It's been an amazing journey and I am grateful to her for getting my health back on track.

Karen Thoronghman

* This is a testimonial to thank Dr. Jeon for giving my life back without pain. I have torn meniscus and severe arthritis in both of my knees, making every step very painful. I had orthoscopic surgery in 2003 to repair the torn meniscus, but it didn't last! Then, the arthritis kicked in also. I have also had the hyaluronic acid injections, cortisone many times, and still in horrible pain with each step. After being treated by three orthopedics, they all said my only option was knee replacement on both knees! I had to give up exercising and dancing because of this, not to mention shopping with my daughter and granddaughters, which I so enjoy. Vacations with my husband were hard, because I couldn't walk much and had to find elevators everywhere, to avoid stairs at all costs! I was recommended to Dr. Jeon by my massage therapist. I researched acupuncture on the internet and made an appointment. After just ONE treatment, my knees felt better and after four, they felt great! I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to not be in pain all the time! We take our good health for granted and it's terrible when it's taken away!! It's been years since my knees have felt like this! We are also working on getting the excess weight off that I have put on due to being forced to lead a nonactive life. She has taken away my cravings, making it a lot easier to pass up the bad things we know we're not supposed to eat! I have lost 9 pounds the first three weeks! We are also going to work on my insomnia, which has plagued me for 15 years!!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Jeon to anyone with different pain or various ailments. I don't exactly understand how it all works, I just know it worked for me and I'm very grateful!! My family also says, "Thank You"!!


K.D. Testimonal

* I work in the Entertainment Industry. I was extremely stressed out to the point of being exhausted 24/7. Dr. Jun first sat down with me, and listened very carefully to my symptoms. She started me off with a Detox Program specifically designed for me in the form of a Herber Tea. This gave me the energy to begin working out. When I came to see her I weighed 210 pounds! I'm now a size 6, and I feel so good about myself. The weight has stayed "OFF" completely. My Roberto Cavali jeans have never looked so great! I feel Happy and Confident. There is no challenge I cannot meet. Dr. Jun helped me believe in myself.

Call her today and make an appointment if you are seeking a way to improve your life. Thank you Dr. Jun you are so gifted at what you do for people.


Lisa L.

* Dr. Jeon is amazing! She provides a unique, caring service of acupuncture and herbs. Dr. Jeon meets with you personally to assess what areas of your life/body you would like her to address with you. She is extremely patient, thorough and explained my concerns and unfamiliarity about acupuncture. This has been a true partnership with her. I have personally experienced her expertise from a natural, holistic approach for me as her patient/client. As a positive result of my following her instructions I saw immediate results. I am thankful for her expertise for the betterment of my health and well-being!

I would recommend Jun's Acupuncture Clinic!

Lisa L.,
Santa Clarita, California

Doug Peterson

* Dr.Jeon is a true healer!
I've had dermatitis around 15 years however in 20`7 y skin itched the entire year until it became unbearable around September. My regular medical doctors offered no solution.

Dr.Jeon through the use of herbal medicine & acupuncture has cured my dermatitis!

Her talents with 100% natural treatments are truly amazing! She is a wonderfully kind & caring person who offers a personal touch hat is unmatched by ANY medical doctor I've ever seen & has done an outstanding job in making my treatment a pleasant & very rewarding experience...she has a wonderful sense of humor too & always greets you with a cheerful smile.

I have the greatest respect for Dr.Jeon & would highly recommend her to anyone seeking safe & natural treatment over synthetic drugs. Even people who already feel healthy can benefit from her treatments.

Now that my treatment is coming to an end, I will continue to see Dr.Jeon for her annual "TUNE-UP" for overall health maintenance.

Forever thank you Dr.Jeon.

Doug Petersen

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*Acupuncture is different for each patient and there is no guarantee of specific results. The information on this website is examples of things we have had success treating in our 22 years of practice. The information presented here was gathered from the philosophy of Asian Medicine over thousands of years of practice and our personal experience. The testimonies shared above were from real patients that shared their results for informational use only. The testimonies are not intended to claim that Jun's Acupuncture services can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease and should not be taken as a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical practitioner.