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Jun's Acupuncture serves members of the Palmdale/Lancaster community which is located about 37.3 miles North of Santa Clarita. Many Santa Clarita natives have headed north to Palmdale and Lancaster to enjoy the benefits of large homes in quiet neighborhoods. A large portion of Palmdale/Lancaster residents commute into Santa Clarita and neighboring cities for work.

Palmdale, California
is referred to as the "aerospace capital of America" by its community members and throughout the Unites States. Palmdale is home to Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Boeing. The Aerospace industry has been the primary source of jobs in Palmdale/Lancaster since the establishment of United States Air Force Plant 42 in 1952.

The services most popular for Palmdale/Lancaster area residents at Jun's Acupuncture are sinus and allergy treatments, auto accidents treatments, treatments for low back pain, chronic injury pain management, stress relief treatments, or treatment for Asthma. Our services are great for people with certain insurance because plans like Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, and LM Health Works may pay for Acupuncture with our clinic. At Jun's Acupuncture, we accept most PPO Insurance plans.

At Jun's New Life Acupuncture, a healthy and stress free life is our ultimate goal!