Acupuncturist/Eastern Medicine | Valencia – Santa Clarita

At Jun’s Acupuncture we want to be sure our patients can enjoy the benefits of our treatments for their health and wellness. “A healthy and Stress Free Life is our Ultimate Goal!” To this end, we have a Cash Discount Plan for those people who do not have Acupuncture Coverage through their Insurance. We charge all of our patients the same rate if they pay without insurance, a flat fee for Acupuncture per visit and a first time Consultation and Diagnosis fee.

However, we have many patients that have Medical Insurance that covers Acupuncture, and they would rather use their insurance than pay out of pocket. We wanted to give our patients a brief explanation of how our Clinic handles Insurance so that our patients can benefit from Acupuncture Services without having to come out of pocket ~ After all, Acupuncture is a full Medical System! The biggest issue with using Insurance is whether your plan has Acupuncture Benefits. In our clinic we accept PPO Insurance if the plan covers Acupuncture. Unfortunately we do not accept most HMO insurance because we are out of network. The only HMO insurance we do accept is CIGNA because we are in the network with them.

When it comes to payments from Insurance Coverage, what we charge insurance is based on the Insurance’s Fee Schedule. We follow insurance, and the prices they pay for Acupuncture varies based on the plan. We recommend that if you are a first time patient with us and you would like to use your insurance (if it is a PPO or if it is CIGNA HMO insurance) that you call your insurance and ask them if it covers Acupuncture before you arrive at our clinic for your first treatment. Our staff can call your insurance to ask any further details after you arrive.