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Jun's Acupuncture Clinic amazing weight loss program

There are many reasons people become overweight - hormone imbalances, slowed metabolism, overeating, poor nutrition and lack of exercise are some of the most common. Using acupuncture to tackle weight loss is a multi-pronged approach.

 No Surgery
 No Fad Diets
 No Risky Dietary Supplements
 Customized Treatment for your needs.
 Dissolve and Burn Fat
 Reduce Cellulite
 Improve Skin Tone.

Dr. Jeon treats the root problem behind weight gain with the approach of Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ear Acupuncture, and the Venus 21C Machine. Special speed diet( weight loss program) treatments are not harmful, there are no side effects and less chance to regain lost weight. For most it is a very relaxing experience.

First consultation and an examination will be performed to understand the main root problem and personal body constitution. once the root problems are identified a multi targeted approach to weight loss treatment using Acupuncture, Detox, Customized individual prescription herbs, Ear acupuncture, and Venus 21C machine may be used. Ear acupuncture can help the control weight by controlling cravings and reducing appetite. Venus 21C helps reduce fat and increase the tonicity of flaccid skin without medical surgery.

From all of these treatments you can get very successful results such as;
1. Increase circulation while deeply toning tissues and muscle that are surrounded by fat.
2. Break up adipose tissue and dissolve fat cells.
3. Help remove fat from the tissue into lymph and blood vessels.

In a natural, healthy, and painless way. You will find A New You!!

What Causes Obesity
Obesity is a metabolic disorder that stems mainly from a combination of these factors: overeating, unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, energy deficiency, excessive dampness, and stress. The excessive amount of calories most people consume on a daily basis through overeating and/or an unbalanced diet is extremely difficult to shed when not burned off by regular exercise. These excessive calories remain in the body and systematically distributed through the blood vessels as cholesterol, and stored heavily as fat around the abdominal region.

The stress most people undergo daily disrupts the natural harmony of the body's metabolic system and leads to a serious malfunction of vital organs. This triggers further slowdown of the digestive system and peristaltic movements of the intestines. It also causes undigested food particles, and fat to accumulate throughout this abdominal section. These factors all together are the leading causes of the obesity that appear as abdominal bloating, bulky belly and love handles. Obesity(or even moderately overweight) puts an undue stress on the back, legs, and internal organs that can eventually exacerbate many physical problems.

Obesity changes the body's reaction to insulin and increases susceptibility to infection. Obesity also puts one at a higher risk for developing coronary artery disease, diabetes, gallbladder disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, stroke, and other serious health problems that can result in premature death. Obesity can be aesthetically unpleasant to the individual affecting self esteem and can cause discomfort in everyday living. Moreover, internal effect of obesity is far more serious. The unnatural slowdown and disorder of the metabolic system makes our bodies vulnerable to many diseases.