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Auto accident related injuries are stressful and uncomfortable. After an auto accident, it is common for people to experience neck pain/shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, headaches, and post traumatic stress syndrome. Many people try to treat Auto Accident related injuries with physical therapy, medications, chiropractic treatments and massage therapy. These treatments may help you, but sometimes these treatments don’t take care of the problem completely.

Acupuncture is an effective treatment because it treats the circulation of energy and blood in your body to eliminate the problem.  The issue with traumatic injury is that the part of the body affected by the accident will have stagnation of blood and qi. Trauma causes the energy to stop and clog your channels which leads to pain.  Though other forms of treatment will help the body feel better, they don’t necessarily get rid of the problem all together, they may just mask the symptoms.  As an example, you can picture a stream that runs smoothly and is strong until a tree lands in the water and clogs the flow. When this occurs, the tree will restrict the flow and cause stagnation that may lead to accumulation of debris that makes the stagnation worse. Traumatic injury acts like a tree in the flow of your body, and in order for the stream to flow properly and be healed, you must break down the debris to make space for smooth flow. Acupuncture acts as a catalyst to increase the breakdown of stagnation that the body can do naturally, and improve flow to relieve pain.  All pain stems from stagnation of energy. Acupuncture acts as a communication device to direct energy to correct flow in the body.

Though this analogy may seem far fetched to some, this is the system by which Asian Medicine functions and has been effective for thousands of years. This branch of medicine in its ancient wisdom is an adaptable medicine by which it improves over time with the knowledge of the day, to refine and build upon itself. Today, Acupuncture is so widely used that it is quickly becoming the most popular alternative to the standard medicine that has been practiced so far. The best news  for Acupuncturist and for people seeking true healing is that insurance companies are now catching on to this medicine and many cover Acupuncture treatments in their policies. Also, for people suffering from Auto Accidents, Acupuncture is paid for by auto insurance like other medical bills are paid. Therefore, this treatment system can be used at no cost to the patient if it is covered by the auto insurance policy.

If you are tired of taking pain medication and wish to improve your health naturally, Acupuncture is a good choice for you. If you wish to get back to your normal life after a traumatic auto accident, and are tired of waiting for pain relief, then contact Jun’s Acupuncture and schedule a consultation today!