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Allergies? Sinus Problems?


Do you struggle during this time of year because you have allergies and sinus problems? Many of us who live here suffer during this time of year and that is unfortunate because we can’t enjoy the view with itchy watery eyes, asthma, stuffy nose, and an itchy throat.  Allergies and sinus problems make our quality of life poor when we should be enjoying the green and sunshine.

Well the good news is, Acupuncture can help with Allergies and Sinus Problems also!sinuses

Sinuses are the pockets in the skull connected to the nasal passages, and when an allergen is breathed in, a histamine reaction occurs and there is swelling of the mucous membranes inside the passages. This causes havoc on the nose, behind the eyes, and down into the ears and throat. The sinuses becomes clogged with mucus that may even drip down the throat and into the lungs and stomach causing phlegm, congestion, and cough. This is what occurs when you have allergies. It is very uncomfortable and can not only cause a lot of fatigue but the medication to relieve the symptoms also can cause fatigue.  So instead of lounging out doors in the sunlight with a green view, people end up sleeping more and having less fun.  Here is where the persons quality of life decreases. Allergies can even make sleeping an issue because it can cause  headache, congestion and cough when lying down even worse than when standing.

This is no way to live! If you want relief and the methods you have tried haven’t worked, and you are tired of buying medications that make you drowsy or don’t work well, maybe it’t time to try Acupuncture.

Acupuncture works in many ways to get rid of allergies. To start, Acupuncture will  improve your immune system to prevent the allergens from being able to enter the body easily. It will help your body become stronger to have less illness caused by allergies. It  can also reduce inflammation within the nasal passages, sinuses and respiratory tract to relieve the symptoms of your allergies.

Many people wonder how Acupuncture could do that within the body. The process of Acupuncture is effective because it effects the Qi flow in the body and helps the body become in balance so that its functioning is smooth and strong. The body is programmed with the ability to heal itself, but sometimes things that happen to our bodies block that ability, or we rely too much on medications to heal us or stop the symptoms of a problem, and by doing so, the body loses its ability to heal itself naturally. Acupuncture works by triggering nerves and energy flow in the body,as directed by the practitioner,to assist the body to repair itself more efficiently.

Acupuncture attacks allergies from all angles to make them occur less often, have a shorter duration of effect, and hopefully get rid of them altogether.  Acupuncture can also relieve the symptoms of allergies so that, while your body gets stronger, you will feel better.

“A healthy and Stress Free Life is our Ultimate Goal.” 

Jun’s Acupuncture

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Asthma, Cough, and Upper Respiratory Illness


If you have coughing, asthma, or upper respiratory illness and you are suffering through the winter, it may be time to try acupuncture treatments.  Acupuncture may seem like an unusual suggestion for someone suffering with Upper Respiratory issues especially asthma. You may be curious as to why no one has mentioned this treatment option before, and it could be because others are not aware of the effectiveness of Acupuncture, but it works! Some people have grown so accustomed to using inhalers, cold medicine, and antibiotics to treat their upper respiratory illness that they have stopped wondering if anything else could help them. People are prone to habit, especially when it comes to feeling ill and wanting instant relief.  Also, some people may be tired of inhalers, cold medicines, and antibiotics but were not informed that there are other options for treatment.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine provide treatment for acute conditions as well as preventative treatments for Asthma, Colds, Cough, and other Respiratory issues.  The treatment protocol for these types of illness follow a pattern of diagnosis, acupuncture, herbal therapy and home remedies to be administered by the patient in their own homes. During your visit with Jun’s Acupuncture, we may use Du 20, Yin Tang, Du 24, Bi Tong, and Kidney points along the chest area to help alleviate cough and asthma. Also, treatment may include points along the back of the neck and upper back for cough, asthma and other respiratory illness accompanied by an infrared heat lamp. Some point prescriptions may include points along the arms, hands, and feet. The treatment plan is individually based and determined by us during diagnosis, and we would determine which prescription is best for you. The reasons behind cough, asthma, and upper respiratory issues differ for each person; there may be four or five root problems that result in this type of illness, and we would need to determine that before treatment.

We want our patients and future patients to understand why our treatments are effective. Acupuncture can help adjust your body constitution to get rid of chronic conditions such as Asthma and other Respiratory issues. This is the biggest difference between taking medications which temporarily relieve the symptoms of the issue but does not treat the root of the problem (it only masks it) and our advanced Acupuncture treatment system. The Asian Medicine System gets down to the root of the issue and alleviates the root to treat the symptoms. When that is accomplished, the symptoms go away with the root problem.  Imagine that our bodies function like a tree, in which the root system determines the health of the branches, and if the roots have illness, the branches will be ill. Some treatment forms will cut off the branches to temporarily alleviate the pain, and don’t bother with the roots in which case the pain will reoccur. Our type of medicine is a  root treating the branch system while other treatment systems often follow a branch treatment system. When the roots of a tree are healthy, so are its branches.

In closing, Acupuncture is an excellent treatment choice for Asthma, Colds, Cough or other Respiratory Illness. Jun’s Acupuncture can combine acupuncture, herbal therapy, and homeopathic remedies to help support our patients feel their best and breathe easily through life.

Here is one simple tip we can give you to help prevent contracting colds during this cold season:

Red tea with 1 teaspoon real grated ginger per cup. It is important to use real grated ginger with the skin peeled for this tea.

This recipe will help your body stay warm and strong to help fight off colds and upper respiratory illness.


Supporting your Mind, Body, and Soul to live a healthy and stress free life,

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