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Weight Loss, Summer Confidence

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Hello Summer Fun fans!

Our post today is about how Acupuncture can help you lose weight and achieve greater self confidence. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, weight gain can come from many different types of issues. It is the goal of Jun’s New Life Acupuncture to create an individualized program for each person to treat the specific root of their problem.

For example, if someone is gaining weight because of a decline in energy and therefore a decline in desire for physical activity, the root of the problem for them may center on Qi sinking or organ imbalance creating the reduced energy. For an Acupuncturist to design a program for weight loss, the root of the problem must be addressed. In this case, the doctor would work towards balancing the organ system and correcting the flow of Qi with acupuncture and herbal therapy.

As another example, long term poor eating habits can cause damp accumulation in the body, which is heavy, sticky, thick and causes weight gain. For this the treatment principle would likely be to drain damp and strengthen the transforming and transporting function of the organs. By doing this, you can get the body drained of excess dampness, and create smooth flow of Qi that helps you lose weight.

The reasons for one’s unhappiness with their physical appearance or physique are many, and the treatment principles equally diverse. The way that Acupuncture can help with your weight loss and self confidence is by creating a program using our herbal, acupuncture, diet, and advice system that the doctors 25 years of experience in treatment has designed. For this purpose, Jun’s New Life Acupuncture is equipped with the Venus 21C machine as an aid to weight loss. This system is used in conjunction with acupuncture, herbs, and dietary suggestions. The Venus System is a machine that uses cups and ultrasound technology to promote greater fat loss that is effective but side effect free.

Does it work one may ask? Yes, it is an effective system and you will not be discouraged by your results!

The healing art of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine has been refined over thousands of years. Dr. Jeon has been refining the art with 25 years of experience healing the Santa Clarita Community.   Her warm demeanor and beautiful clinic can put you at ease and prepare you for your transformation.