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Oh My, It’s May! That means Fun in the Sun is on its way~ How is your beach body lately?

WEIGHT loss BlogMany times when we post a blog, it has very useful tips about health, wellness, illness prevention, and chronic pain issues. But once in a while its nice to focus on more fun things like what you will be wearing to the beach in the coming months, and how you feel about the body you’re wearing! Many of us look at how our blouses and pants or muscle shirts are fitting after the holidays are over and get reinvigorated about our diet and exercise plans.

Though Acupuncture and Asian Medicine can’t go back in time and erase that cheesecake we ate or the fudge we got for Christmas, or the hours we spent relaxing during the recent downpours, it can help you regain your physique! Acupuncture and Asian Medicine can help people lose weight and feel better. It can help your body digest nourishment more efficiently, help relax your mind to relieve stress thus lowering Cortisol levels and reducing belly fat.  Acupuncture is so effective at helping people look and feel better that there is an entire branch of Acupuncture called ‘Cosmetic Acupuncture’. You may think this sounds very silly, but it is effective and less expensive than cosmetic surgery by thousands. The best part of losing weight with the help of Acupuncture and herbs is that there are no side effects like one might get from taking medications or yo-yo diets or surgery. Acupuncture will help treat the internal issue related to your weight gain such as a reduced metabolism, or an emotional component associated with over-eating. Acupuncture is risk free, natural, and effective.

If you have a history of struggling with your self confidence or your self image and want to try something different to help you feel great about your body, then Acupuncture may be the solution you are looking for.  One key perk for using Acupuncture and Herbal Remedies to lose weight is that when you lose weight, we will help you keep strong energy so the weight loss doesn’t cause fatigue.

At Jun’s Acupuncture, we utilize something called the Venus Diet, along with an ultraviolet cupping system, and Acupuncture to help people lose weight and feel great. Herbal formulas are also available upon request for patients that want to try them. The herbal formulas used by Dr. Jeon are classical formulas used for thousands of years and taught parent to child in Korea and at TCM Schools for treatment of issues like this where other methods may fail. They are organic, safe, and holistic.

We would like to invite you to partner with us this year to prepare for your beach body from the comfort of our Acupuncture clinic. Here you can be treated for your ailments and assisted with your desires to look great and be confident. Give us a call to set up your consultation today. After your consultation, the Doctor can set you up with a treatment plan based on your needs and body constitution. Do you want to experience Amazing Weight Loss? Jun’s Acupuncture could be your answer.

At Jun’s Acupuncture, a healthy and stress free life is our ultimate goal!

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