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Acupuncture for Fertility


Have you and your significant other been trying to have a baby with discouraging results? Have you tried IVF, or Invitro Fertilization and are becoming overwhelmed with the cost of the procedures and still having no success? Do you wonder what factors you can control that can affect your ability to have a baby? Is there a cheaper and more effective solution?

Did you know that Acupuncture and Asian Herbal Therapy is famous for its ability to treat fertility for women and men?

Here is the scoop on Fertility Treatments through Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy:

1. Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy Is a Medical System of its own and treats Fertility from a different perspective than Western Fertility Specialists.

What does fertility mean for the Acupuncturist? Fertility for an Acupuncturist means that the Uterus of a woman is a healthy, fertile environment for a baby to grow. It is without excess dampness, excess cold, excess heat, and sufficiently supplied with Yin and Yang from the mother and father. In this way one can understand that excess dampness, heat, or cold are considered pathogenic for a uterus. Dampness would be described as a cloying substance that clogs the uterus and blocks the channels making the success of the fetus unlikely. What causes dampness in the uterus are things like excess damp foods (dairy, sugar), excess alcohol consumption, greasy rich foods, eating too quickly with inadequate digestion, and other factors that would be determined based on the individual being assessed. Excess heat can be caused by the above factors listed for dampness, as well as eating spicy foods or foods that are hot in nature such as cheeses, fatty foods, peppers, onions, and certain meats. Excess heat can also result from poor digestion or eating too fast without chewing the food properly or binge eating large amounts frequently. Though many of these factors cause dampness in the spleen and stomach, they still affect the uterus because they impair the transformation and transportation of food into energy within the body.

Also, factors such as excessive sexual indulgence can create these pathogens within a uterus. If a woman is Yin deficient, (what would look like estrogen and progesterone deficiency), this can create excess heat as well. In the case of cold in the uterus, it can be caused by a deficiency in Yang Energy that creates coldness, or coldness in the body can impact the uterus because a person over consumes cold, damp, and nutritionally deficient foods that can create cold. These factors and more is what an Acupuncturist looks at when determining the fertility of a woman. But the Acupuncturist will also look at the fertility of the male. Though the male can have all of the factors listed above as pathological conditions, even Yin deficiency (though it does not show like estrogen and progesterone deficiency), they manifest in different ways and relate more to the male organ. For example, a male may have excess dampness creating pathogenic factors in his sperm count and motility, and it may show in yellow excess sweat on the genitals or abdomen. If a male’s genitals are kept too warm, cold, or constricted, this can affect his fertility also. Acupuncture can help balance the male reproductive system to help improve his fertility.

2. How does the Acupuncturist view the age of the person trying to conceive?

From the perspective of an Acupuncturist, our goal is to help the uterus of the woman, or the sperm of a man, be young enough to carry/fertilize a baby. How can we make a uterus or sperm younger you may ask? Well, that is an analogy of the Acupuncturists’ goal and not a literal clinical description. The Acupuncturist wants to make the uterus/sperm function as if it is a younger persons uterus/sperm. We can describe this process like we would describe the nurturing of a garden that has barren soil. The soil itself cannot support life because it is nutrient deficient and the nutrients it has are not in balance in the way required to sustain life. The soil may be too damp, too cold, too warm or too deficient. So a gardener would condition the soil, nurture the soil, drain out the dampness and make sure the temperature is amiable within the soil. The original soil is modified and made healthier. So using this analogy, we can say that Acupuncture and Asian Herbal Therapy can help the uterus/sperm itself be a healthier, younger, more fertile environment to increase potential for carrying a child. Acupuncture can, to use the analogy, make the uterus and sperm more vital and without pathology creating fertility. If the uterus and sperm are more fertile and healthy, they are more like a younger uterus and sperm; healthy and vital.

This is a short explanation of a very complex system of medicine that Acupuncturists use to determine how they can best treat a patient with fertility issues. This is an example of the diagnostic mind of an Acupuncturist. If you want help with your fertility issues,  give us the opportunity to diagnose you and find out the root of your infertility so that we can help you. Since the diagnostic portion of fertility treatments with Acupuncture is so important, the consultation is imperative to its success.

3. How does the Acupuncturist treat a fertility patient that has an irregular menstrual cycle?

A very important factor to the success of fertility treatments is the state of the woman’s reproductive system. What happens if a woman’s menstruation is irregular making it hard to determine cycles of ovulation? If a woman has a history of irregular periods, it is likely that fertility will be decreased. From the Acupuncturists perspective, this is a main concern when trying to conceive a child. If the cycle is off, success in pregnancy is unlikely. So, before the treatments on the conception of the child can actually begin, the Acupuncturist must treat the menstrual cycle first. The good news is that Acupuncture is famous for treating gynecological issues. Sometimes, a corrected menstrual cycle is a positive side effect of regular acupuncture treatments. Once the menstrual cycle is regulated, then the Acupuncturist can start working on helping the uterus be more vital for carrying a baby. This is an essential thing to remember when talking to your Acupuncturist about fertility treatments, because it can lengthen the typical treatment duration for fertility patients. However, success can still be achieved, and your Acupuncturist can still help you.

Though this is informative, you may still be wondering why not just use IVF and skip all of that? Well here is a very good comparison of the cost and effectiveness of Western Treatments for fertility and Eastern treatments for fertility to help you understand from our perspective the difference.

Though IVF and other Western style fertility treatments are effective, relatively safe, and usually work after the 6th attempt for women younger than 42, is it cost effective? One “Cycle” of IVF usually costs $12000 or more and the medications that help produce excess eggs for them to harvest cost $4000-5000. One Cycle can be described as one harvest of eggs from the female, and sperm from the male, and at least one injection of a fertilized egg into the uterus. Possibly, if enough have been harvested from the first cycle, they can be injected into the uterus 1-2 at a time until it attaches and grows. However, most people have a 20-40% (42 years of age or younger) chance of success before the 6th fertilization attempt. So, to sum it up, the cost of IVF for impregnation is, at the bare minimum, $16000, and it is only 20-40% successful before the 6th attempt. It could cost as much as $96000 to conceive a child with IVF. Though the success rates of IVF are higher than the chances a couple has to conceive naturally, if a couple is getting fertility treatments in the first place, it is likely that the usual percentage doesn’t apply and that they have tried to conceive naturally.

For fertility, treatments with Acupuncture and Herbal therapy are effective, free of side effects, and at a much lower cost than IVF. It is the experience of Jun’s Acupuncture that we can confidently gauge our success rate at 80% for woman 42 and under. During a typical course of fertility treatment, a patient is treated from 1-3 months 2-3 times a week with that percentage of success. One month of the herbal formulas is usually sufficient in combination with Acupuncture treatments to produce pregnancy. This means that on average, a patient would spend less than 10% of the cost of IVF. The difference is staggering, and the results from Acupuncture would appear higher than that of IVF naturally.

In closing, we should look at a very important factor in how Acupuncture treatments for fertility can be very successful; Acupuncture reduces stress significantly, and this can be very beneficial to the conception of a child. When stress levels are lower, a person’s body is in better condition to conceive a child. Acupuncture is well known for its stress relieving functions, and is reputed for its ability to treat stress related illness such as headaches, lowered immune function, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and premenstrual conditions.

If your are interested in how Jun’s Acupuncture can help you and your significant other have a baby, don’t hesitate to call us at any time or schedule a consultation. We are confident that we can improve your fertility and that your experience at Jun’s Acupuncture will be comfortable as well as peaceful.

“A Healthy and Stress Free Life is Our Ultimate Goal!’

Jun’s Acupuncture

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Can Acupuncture Relieve Constipation?

You may suffer from Constipation and you may be wondering if Acupuncture can relieve Constipation. It may come as a surprise that you have had constipation all your life, or at least for a while, and never knew that Acupuncture can and does relieve constipation.

There are many reasons why people get constipation; Dehydration, poor fiber diet, sedentary lifestyle and many other reasons. In Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine we treat things a bit differently than one might expect. Our goal is to help the body heal itself and correct its functioning to eliminate disease.  In order to properly discuss this topic, we will need to discuss the different causes for constipation, and how Acupuncturists may approach each. Some causes of Constipation are as follows:

  • Poor Fiber Diet
  • Poor Peristalsis in Intestines
  • Heat
  • Dehydration
  • Medication Usage
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Enema Overuse
  • Sedentary Lifestyle

It would seem that preventing constipation by eating more fiber may be the solution for someone who has a poor fiber diet causing constipation, but even if the person eats more fiber while they have constipation, there may be feces impacted in the colon. If this is the case, simply eating more fiber may not be the correct solution once the situation has progressed. Though eating fiber consistently is a very good solution for this type of constipation, the individual must change their lifestyle once the impacted colon is unclogged. However, Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, and TCM Nutrition can provide relief of constipation, impacted stool, and lifestyle change recommendations to patients to help them with Constipation.

Sometimes, people get constipation because they over use enemas and fiber supplements, thus, the intestines get lazy and no longer have strong peristalsis that’s needed for regular bowel movements. In this case, Acupuncture is very effective because it can energize the intestines so that they provide adequate peristalsis for the body.  Often people can get constipation if they have heat excess in the body which often occurs with dehydration. With Acupuncture we can cool the body down and help it generate fluids with certain acupuncture points. Herbs are very helpful for heat condition and fluid insufficiency as well.

Another common cause of constipation is IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome in which the intestines can fluctuate between diarrhea and constipation. In the case of IBS a key factor in this disease is stress, as it is often a trigger for the onset of IBS. Acupuncture is famous for helping people manage stress.

Lastly, Constipation can often occur because of medication use of over use, of which constipation is a side effect. For constipation related to medication, we may be able to help you with the underlying disease that you take such medication for or recommend alternative medications. In this way, we can help our patients become healthier and less likely to need medication usage at the same time we help your body reestablish healthy Bowel Movement patterns.

Whatever the root cause of your constipation problem is, we want to help you and Acupuncture is a wonderful solution that is safe, natural and effective. If you schedule an appointment with Jun’s Acupuncture we can give you a consultation to determine the root cause of your constipation, and give you a treatment plan that suits your needs.

Thank you for reading, we value our patients!

Jun’s Acupuncture

“A Healthy and Stress Free Life is Our Ultimate Goal!”


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Acupuncture for Arthritis



Are you or anyone you love suffering from Osteoarthritis? Do you or someone you love gulp down NSAIDs and other pain reducers trying to ease the discomfort of aching knees, fingers, hips, back, elbows, feet and neck?

It can be tiresome when there is chronic pain without relief and the medications just don’t seem to do the trick. There has been considerable research done by specialists looking for treatments for OA or RA that are side effect free and effective.  Many researchers have turned the light on Acupuncture and Herbal formulas based in Traditional Chinese Medicine as an effective treatment for RA and OA 50% of the time or greater. We happen to agree with them and wanted you to hear from us on the subject.

In one article, a Pain Specialist Doctor, James N. Dillard, MD, comments on the effectiveness of Acupuncture by stating that “Acupuncture doesn’t work for everyone, but slightly more than half of patients with moderate OA will experience some benefit,”  *[James N. Dillard, MD]. In the Same article you can find that Dr. Dillard is the former medical director of Columbia University’s Rosenthal Center for Complimentary Medicine and Alternative Medicine in NYC. He based his professional opinion of Acupuncture and its treatment of Osteoarthritis on years of practice and some supporting studies. Dr. Dillard further comments “It’s incredibly safe,” [and] “The adverse side effects a patient may have with those drugs are way, way worse.”[James N. Dillard, MD] Since Acupuncture does not have side effects like NSAIDs and other anti-inflammatory drugs, and there are no other known serious side effects, it is a very safe alternative to typical therapeutic methods.

So how does Acupuncture work to treat arthritis? Well, do you want the Traditional Chinese Medicine answer or the Western Medicine Answer?  A little bit of both may solve the mystery perhaps. In Western Medical terms the insertion of Acupuncture needles into specific points in the body cause a series of chemical events in the body wherein neurotransmitters release endorphines and enkephalins that have pain reducing properties. The insertion of the Acupuncture needle also causes the body to release cortisol which is an anti-inflammatory. The result is a reduction in pain and inflammation.

Boy, is that a mouthful for the non-medical populations? Well, in TCM Acupuncture circulates the the Qi in areas that are inflamed. Also, in cases of arthritis, Acupuncturists look at OA in several different ways,  wet arthritis and dry arthritis are two types of the many. In the case that arthritis causes swelling, edema and painful irritation, there is dampness and the Acupuncture Doctor needs to dry out the area by releasing the dampness, and allow for free flow of Qi. This would be a case of wet arthritis. In Dry Osteoarthritis, there is pain without swelling and the cause is a more degenerative type of arthritis without swelling and edema, and the treatment would include nourishing the joints with the Acupuncture treatment.  There are other forms of arthritis that Acupuncture can treat also. The Doctor needs to diagnose the root cause of your arthritis (which is different for each individual) to determine how we can help you.

In closing, it cannot be denied that Acupuncture helps with arthritis, and it is our opinion that for arthritis, our services are over 80% effective in reducing pain in our patients.Though we discussed mostly Osteoarthritis, Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy can also treat Rheumatoid Arthritis, or other forms.  Also, we would like to comment that Acupuncture is limited like any medical system, and there are exceptions to its effectiveness. One such exception to the effectiveness of Acupuncture for arthritis, is if there is no cartilage left in the effected joint.  In this case, Acupuncture may help manage your pain, but it is best that you consult a primary care physician for knee replacement. However, if the arthritis is not so far gone, acupuncture is the best treatment without medication available.

Though Acupuncture is the best treatment for arthritis, we would like to add some tips that can help with your arthritis pain naturally. There are several foods that studies show help with pain reduction for arthritis. Some of these foods are Turmeric, Fish Oil, Ginger, and Chile Peppers or things containing capsaicin (as long as you do not have any digestive issues like acid reflux). There are many other herbs such as Ru Xiang and Gou Teng that we can prescribe for you with a diagnosis and treatment if they are good for your constitution to help you with your pain as well. These herbs are all natural and do not have negative side effects like some medications may. We would be glad to answer any and all questions  and schedule an appointment for you!  If you want to feel better, give us a call, so we can begin your treatments.


” A healthy and stress free life is our ultimate goal!” 

Jun’s Acupuncture


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*[ (Acupuncture and Osteoarthritis,Timothy Gower)]


Chronic Fatigue? Let Us Brighten Up Your June Gloom!

Do you suspect you are suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Is this June Gloom adding to your fatigue and making you want to sleep instead of enjoy the Summer? Well, let us brighten up your June Gloom! We want to help you with Chronic Fatigue. Many people may be feeling symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome without knowing it. Are you, or someone you love feeling, so tired and low energy that you are missing out on your life?  The good news, is that we can help you feel better and possibly eliminate Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from your life all together. Before this weather gets too warm, and your fatigue gets more pronounced, you should seek treatment.

First, let’s talk about what Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) actually is and why people may get it.   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a disorder in which severe fatigue, and possibly pain related to CFS occurs without clear reason or diagnosis. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome effects people all the time, in every setting, and those individuals may not even know there is an issue until they can no longer function in their lives. This Syndrome can be very sneaky in the way that it manifests. It can manifest suddenly or as a slow progression. It can result from a traumatic experience, a serious illness, or even just after what feels like a common flu. However, the symptoms are the same: Severe Fatigue, Desire to sleep all the time, physical and mental fatigue, mental cloudiness, memory loss, muscle weakness, dizziness or feeling lightheaded, shortness of breath upon exertion, severe tiredness after activity, cold hands and feet, and even digestive issues accompanied by nausea and depression. Chronic Fatigue can also  manifest with insomnia or sleeping but never feeling rested. The tricky part of chronic fatigue is that it may go unnoticed by the individual until they no longer can go to work, school, or social occasions because they are too tired. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and suspect that you may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, we can help you, so read on to find out more!

Chronic Fatigue may manifest after a period of serious illness, stress, or even a flu like illness that just seems to linger. These are key red lights that something is not right with your body. When you do not want to get our of bed often, or feel your mind cloudy,  or your body achy for longer than a couple of weeks, its time to get help.

You may wonder how Acupuncture can treat such a condition. Acupuncture is a natural way to increase your immune function, to increase you stamina, and to eliminate dampness. According to the Eastern Medical System, Fatigue is caused by low constitutional energy, or Qi, and/or dampness accumulation from poor diet, over eating, or overindulgence in spicy foods, dairy, fried foods, and alcohol. It is also possible to overwork you body’s Qi through stress, over worry, and illnesses. This can reduce your body’s ability to keep up with the daily demands of life and Acupuncture can help build your Qi so that you recover. Chronic Fatigue syndrome can also result from Hypothyroidism, and if you have been diagnosed with a Thyroid condition, we can treat that in conjunction to fatigue. It is important for the Acupuncturist to diagnose you to find out the root of the problem causing the fatigue in the first place. Once the diagnosis is made the treatment principles are determined. The treatment principles may involve building Qi. strengthening immunity, recovering lost constitutional Qi, or draining dampness accumulation so the body is not weighed down by damp.  Acupuncture itself is an effective treatment for CFS, not to mention that it is good for relaxing the mind and spirit so that healing can occur appropriately. Herbal therapy in conjunction with Acupuncture is especially good for eliminating dampness accumulation and bolstering the Qi, so you should ask Dr. Jeon us if we feel herbs are appropriate for your specific diagnosis.

There are also some foods we can recommend that will help you fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Foods such as broccoli, plum, strawberry, tomatoes, and grapes are good for fighting fatigue. Also, eggs, garlic, and greens are good for fatigue. Best of all for fatigue is ginseng. Ginseng can be taken daily to help you fight CFS. Ginseng is good as long as you do not have High Blood Pressure, if you have High Blood Pressure, let us help you, but do not take Ginseng. These foods can help you treat fatigue naturally. If these foods don’t help enough, its time to schedule an acupuncture session.

Whatever the root of your problem is, Acupuncture and Herbal therapy can help.  Its time to get off the couch or out of bed, and get down to Jun’s Acupuncture to kick Chronic Fatigue out of your Summer plans. Please contact us if you have any more questions or would like to schedule an appointment. Below is a link if you want more information about how Acupuncture works.


Jun’s Acupuncture
“A Healthy and Stress Free Life is our Ultimate Goal!”





Our New Summer Weight Loss Special Event

Hello everyone!

We have had so much interest in our weight loss program lately that we’ve decided to offer our interested patients a deal for the Summer. It has come to our attention from listening to you guys that many weight loss patients feel like a few treatments at our clinic is enough to have them dropping 30 pounds over night. This seems silly, and it is! There is no possible way our weight loss treatments will help you lose weight instantly, it takes time like most natural treatments. It has also come to our attention that the program is rarely followed to completion because of the lack of immediate results in a week or so. We want to clarify a few things that will help our patients understand how the program works and how we can help you lose weight in a month.

Acupuncture and Herbal therapy for weight loss is typically at least a month long program depending on the patients desired weight loss goal because natural methods take longer to achieve; but they are also more long lasting. Our program is based on individualized treatments targeting the individual in a holistic system. The treatments are based on your constitution and how we can help balance your bodies natural inclination with your lifestyle to create harmony. Through harmony, the body runs better and is able to correct its natural functions on its own over time. The practitioner is the guide, or facilitator, that speaks to your bodies energy and directs it to the proper functioning.

Our program for weight loss consists of 2-3 treatments a week and about 30 days worth of herbal teas that work in conjunction with moderate eating and exercise to correct your metabolism and eliminate waste matter from your system. This program works for most, the main issue with our program is that people do not see it through. We want our patients to have a greater understanding of the program so that we can help you achieve your goal.

So what’s the deal you’re asking? Well here it is:

1 Months worth of 3 Treatments a Week (12 treatments)
3 Sets of 10 Day Supply of Herbs
Dietary Advice
Consultation and Diagnosis

All with a substantial discount for the special Summer package.

This means that if you commit to treatments with us for 1 month including the herbal teas, we will give you a substantial discount off your months worth of treatment. We understand that this is a large commitment for any one person to make, but we also understand that our program may be your only solution for weight loss you can keep off. We also understand that other weight loss programs can charge up to $9000 a year, and surgery for weight loss ranges from $14,500-$23,000 which can have side effects and health risks. We want to drive home the idea that our treatments are usually side effect free, effective, and long lasting. Many people that lose weight quickly by other means also complain to us that they have no energy after losing weight, and suffer from fatigue. Fatigue adds to their repeated weight gain. This is not a yo-yo diet program and we will boost your energy and make you stronger as you lose weight.

We hope you understand our purpose, we want to help you! But, we also understand the limitations of our program; it is a holistic treatment for weight loss and not a “Lose quick, and Gain it Back” program. This is why we are offering a package because we really want our patients to have the best chance of success, and this is what we feel is the best way to lose weight.

We have never offered a program discount before, and this is a limited time package that will run from June-August 2017. Take advantage of this Summer Special Event and get the body you want the natural way!

Jun’s Acupuncture
“A Healthy and Stress Free Life is our Ultimate Goal!”

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Oh My, It’s May! That means Fun in the Sun is on its way~ How is your beach body lately?

WEIGHT loss BlogMany times when we post a blog, it has very useful tips about health, wellness, illness prevention, and chronic pain issues. But once in a while its nice to focus on more fun things like what you will be wearing to the beach in the coming months, and how you feel about the body you’re wearing! Many of us look at how our blouses and pants or muscle shirts are fitting after the holidays are over and get reinvigorated about our diet and exercise plans.

Though Acupuncture and Asian Medicine can’t go back in time and erase that cheesecake we ate or the fudge we got for Christmas, or the hours we spent relaxing during the recent downpours, it can help you regain your physique! Acupuncture and Asian Medicine can help people lose weight and feel better. It can help your body digest nourishment more efficiently, help relax your mind to relieve stress thus lowering Cortisol levels and reducing belly fat.  Acupuncture is so effective at helping people look and feel better that there is an entire branch of Acupuncture called ‘Cosmetic Acupuncture’. You may think this sounds very silly, but it is effective and less expensive than cosmetic surgery by thousands. The best part of losing weight with the help of Acupuncture and herbs is that there are no side effects like one might get from taking medications or yo-yo diets or surgery. Acupuncture will help treat the internal issue related to your weight gain such as a reduced metabolism, or an emotional component associated with over-eating. Acupuncture is risk free, natural, and effective.

If you have a history of struggling with your self confidence or your self image and want to try something different to help you feel great about your body, then Acupuncture may be the solution you are looking for.  One key perk for using Acupuncture and Herbal Remedies to lose weight is that when you lose weight, we will help you keep strong energy so the weight loss doesn’t cause fatigue.

At Jun’s Acupuncture, we utilize something called the Venus Diet, along with an ultraviolet cupping system, and Acupuncture to help people lose weight and feel great. Herbal formulas are also available upon request for patients that want to try them. The herbal formulas used by Dr. Jeon are classical formulas used for thousands of years and taught parent to child in Korea and at TCM Schools for treatment of issues like this where other methods may fail. They are organic, safe, and holistic.

We would like to invite you to partner with us this year to prepare for your beach body from the comfort of our Acupuncture clinic. Here you can be treated for your ailments and assisted with your desires to look great and be confident. Give us a call to set up your consultation today. After your consultation, the Doctor can set you up with a treatment plan based on your needs and body constitution. Do you want to experience Amazing Weight Loss? Jun’s Acupuncture could be your answer.

At Jun’s Acupuncture, a healthy and stress free life is our ultimate goal!

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Stress Will Make You Ill!!! Let us give you some suggestions…..


stress free

During this time of year everyone is worried about taxes, deductibles, flood insurance, fire insurance, 401K’s and every other life issue that arises at the beginning of each year.

So, how can we help you? Acupuncture is a great way to reduce your stress and help your body stay healthy. When the body is stressed, their is poor sleeping and anxiety as well. A person cannot maintain health if they are not sleeping well and anxious!

Acupuncture has shown to reduce stress in recent studies. In an article from the Huffington Post they reported that researchers discovered that the “…[electronic] acupuncture blocks the chronic, stress-induced elevations of the HPA axis hormones and the sympathetic NPY pathway,” []  In the same article, it states that “The researchers discovered that stress hormones were lower in rats that had received [electronic] acupuncture. Results were published in the Journal of Endocrinology.”

It is wonderful to see scientific evidence that Acupuncture works to relieve stress, and we are glad to support more studies about the effects of Acupuncture for stress reduction, pain relief, and general longevity.  If each person can reduce the level of stress they experience on a daily basis, the incidence of disease will be far less.  We like to look at Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as a life style that can not only treat disease but also prevent it. By reducing your level of stress, you will sleep better, and have lower anxiety; this  will allow you to be a healthy individual enjoying your life!

“A Healthy and Stress Free Life is Our Ultimate Goal!”


lotus flower